International women’s day program is organized in Piller. All the women from neighboring mandals gathered in Darga center and took up two kms rally in the national high way to cover entire Piller main bazaar. The rally was highlighted with the raising voice of women shouting slogans of various issues:


  • Mahilallara Ekkam Avudam – mana Hukkulanu Kapadudam (Let us unite to protect our Rights).

  • Prabhuthuva Bhumulu - Mahilalake Panchalie(We want ownership.)

  • Mahilalukku Samana Cooli Ivvali ( Women should get equal wage)

  • Gruhahimsa Chattanni Amalu cheyyali, - Mahilapai gruhahimsanu Arikattalie- Stop domestic violence and implement Domestic Violence Act

  • Mahilallara Ekkam Avudam -Varakatnnani Rupumapudaam (Let us unite to stop the dowry)

  • Mahilallara Ekkam Avudam-Bruna hatyalu Aapeddam ( Let us unite to stop the female foeticides)

  • Mahilalapai Atyacharalu Appeddam, Mana Hakkulu Kapadudaam ( Let us stop the attacks on women and protect our Rights)

  • Mahilallara Ekkam Avudam -Balya vivahaalu Apeddam ( Let us unite to stop the girl child marriages)

After the end of the rally in Piller cross road, the public meeting was conducted in market yard. The public meeting was conducted under the leadership of Rajamma, State women Secretary of APVVU. The meeting was addressed by the leaders from APVVU.

The meeting was concluded with the list of demands to be submitted to the district collector represent by the union committee on 9th March.

The main demands:

  1. Single women should be recognized as family unite and provide all government entitlements – PDS cards, NREGS cards, House plots and housing program, distribute land a minimum of 3 acres providing irrigation and agriculture support.

  2. Rural landless women workers should get a minimum of 3 acres of government lands.

  3. Equal wages and Remuneration Act should be implemented and monitor the payment of equal wages for women workers in agriculture.

  4. Illegal scanning centers should be closed down unconditionally.

  5. Sex detection scanning centers should be closed down.

  6. Stop all belt shops in the rural areas and also illegal illicit liquor.

  7. Old age pensions should be provided for all the eligible women workers.

  8. Implement unorganized workers Social Security Act

All the women in public meeting unanimously decided to work towards implementation of the above demands during the year.