APVVU as a rights organization of rural workers from the subalterns seeks alternatives to the ‘nationalization and privatization’ as the universal norm and prescriptions of the market as mandatory. The constituencies of 31million + subalterns in the States of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana are the stakeholders in the rural economy. Their livelihood, food security, future, identity and culture are dependent on forests, land and water. Their traditional knowledge and skills contribute significantly to the agrarian product. But they as a community barely survive at subsistence levels. What is ploughed back to them as subsidies is only a negligible percentage of the surplus appropriated from them. The flow is in fact reverse: from the subalterns to the privileged.

These affected people must confront the market with their own agenda. This confrontation is procedural and in lines of democratic provisions. The persistent efforts would stop perpetuation of deprivation and depletion on them. And, the effort is to promote alternate forms of productivity and economy to the dominant system of market determined productivity and economy. The market must be forced to restructure itself in the direction of equity and sustainability. Those with the highest stakes on land, forest and water resources and whose livelihood and future are dependent on them must also have control over decision making regarding how these resources are to be developed and managed for their benefit as a right.